JULY 2ND-2018

Once I finally got packed, I got to celebrate my bday early with my family. The best things I got were the cards. Each hand written (or typed, in Sophie’s case) and a perfect reflection of the writer. Brought me to tears – huge surprise, I know. I took pictures of them so I could have them with me. Nothing like having a piece of your heart while you’re on the road.

Next, flight to VEGAS, BABY! I think it’s a law that you have to say it like that…

Wow. Vegas is just as crazy as they say. Slot machines as soon as you step off the plane, people everywhere. Advice? Don’t forget about the heat until you get outside. I did and took a big, fat heat slap to the face once I got outside. Took a Lyft to the Cosmopolitan to meet KJ and Deb. – thanks for the great ride, Darwin. Gorgeous resort. Even the drop off zone was gorgeous. So much to look at everywhere it felt like I had ADD. Headed up to Beauty and Essex for dinner. Looks like a pawn shop (it actually IS, I think) out front, but go through the non-descript door and find yourself in a gorgeous restaurant. Each room is meant to look like a jewellery box – we ended up in a pearl-centric room.

Tapas and (very expensive) cocktails. Food and people watching A-1. So glad the sky-high heels I see a lot of women wearing aren’t mandatory. Checked out the fountains at the Bellagio next door after dinner for some Frank and dancing waters.

Then I got the smart idea I could bankroll the whole trip for all of us by slipping a couple bucks into a slot machine. Ha! Fastest $40 lost in history.

I suppose we could have found some more Vegas to play with that night, but we just weren’t up to it. KJ & Deb spent the day prepping the trailer, stocking food and booze. I was still recovering from a weekend party (I’m old now!! No judging!) and emotional hangover from the big adios with the fam. Back to the trailer for sleep. This trip wasn’t about the crazy of Vegas, anyway.